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The Best Way to Prepare for a Potential Apocalypse: Get a Self-Sufficient House


You’ve likely heard that the rash of strange occurrences throughout the world have led some to believe that a “zombie apocalypse” of sorts is brewing.

If you’re one of them, then you’ll want to buy this house once it goes into production. That’s because it’s completely energy self-sufficient – a good feature to have if power companies go offline.

Granted, it wasn’t exactly designed with a flesh-eating contagion in mind. It was built by a company called elli, which was created by a trio of Spanish architects hell-bent on dealing with the world’s environmental challenges. A house that can stay powered completely off the grid sounds like a good start.

What’s unique about this house is that it’s actively powered by the owners. Meaning you’ll need to bike, dance and pull on ropes in order for your home’s electronics to run. That way, you can be working on your fitness while saving the environment!

They’re even calling it the “Jane Fonda” house. Cute.

Now, if this idea makes you a bit twitchy, don’t worry. The lazy among you will be happy to know that it’s not all powered through exercise. The house comes equipped with other energy gathering sources to keep the house juiced up when you’re sleeping or just too damn tired to lift weights while you’re catching up on “The Walking Dead.”

As one of the architects, Eva Gil Lopesino, says, “The reality is, when you are not at home the house still works for you. There are other systems like photovoltaic panels, generators, other systems that produce energy… You don’t have to be active all day long.”

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