Healthcare Stocks: Two Sectors to Avoid Ahead of the Obamacare Supreme Court Ruling

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  1. Rob Hinckle says:

    This article appears to have missed the mark. The success of the Helthcare Technology industry is tied to the ARRA and the incentives for Healthcare providers achieving Meanigful Use of an Electronic Health Record. Obamacare has no impact on those incentive payments. Stage 2 Meaningful Use is moving ahead as planned and is not in jeopardy. Someone needs to do a little more research.


  2. Jorge H Rodriguez says:

    “The key takeaway: As the individual mandate goes, so goes these companies’ growth prospects.” …..WHERE does this premise originate? ? ? ….The healthcare program goes as approved…. the future now is dependent on the stubborness of individual state governors! Certainty or uncertainty of which companies will benefit will depend on psycho!!!


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