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Supreme Court Immigration Ruling a Big Win for Businesses


Businesses can breathe a sigh of relief now that the Supreme Court has essentially gutted Arizona’s tough immigration law.

The ruling effectively puts immigration squarely back into the federal government’s court.

It also gives a level of comfort to foreign businesses and investors that might have been hesitant when it comes to doing business here.

“Foreign investors want to have uniformity of laws – of employment laws in particular. So for them to have to figure out among the 50 contiguous states a different employment authorization requirement is again a nightmare,” says Boston University Law Professor Susan Akram. “So I think it’s very good both for international investment and for national business.”

More liberal immigration policies are also good for the economy in general, according to Cary Leahey, senior U.S. and global economist at Decision economics.

“Economies benefit from a wide-open immigration because you bring in people that you want,” says Leahey. “Someone that is willing to go to the trouble to come to a new country and make a new life is generally the kind of person that you want in your country, because they are showing you know a lot of grit, initiative and hard work.”

Of note: The provision that has attracted many protests – requiring police checks for immigration status – was upheld.