Rental Properties: The (Real) Real Estate Rebound

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  1. David says:

    Karim, You need the tell the other side of the story about the pit falls of being a landlord . It’s fine if you have a good tenant
    and they pay the rent. Lets say you get a real “stiff” who knows how to play the system, and beats you out of 4 to 6 months rent before you can get the guy out. Leaving you with the task of having to make up the loss out of your own pocket. “OUCH” !!!!


  2. victoria T camacho says:

    ask for 3 months advance and after 1 mo .unpaid rent send eviction notice before the start of the second month and and evict before te end of the se cond mo, the third mo. rent left is for security and repair and clean , better he sues if he want what is left than you left holdng the bag.


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