Crucial Advice If You Are Getting Older… and You Can’t Afford to Retire Yet

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  1. Ken H. says:

    I have enjoyed your article and comments. I am 75 years of age and unable to work for past 30 years due to health issues. I am still able to enjoy myself and hopefully will always be able to remember when I had better health and was to make memories that time can not erase. I still have investments that provide me with enough money to take a cruise or do other traveling or visit my vacation home which was purchased while still a wage earner. I have now reached the point where I awake and first read the obituraries in the newspaper and if my name isnt listed, I go about planning the days activities. My wallet may not be full but my head is bulging with memories made while still able to enjoy myself and make pleasant new memories every day..It’s not what is in your pocket that makes you happy but what you do with what you have and be thankful for the memories and make more beautiful memories every day. God created a beautiful world–look around and enyoy it and be thankful.
    Kenneth Helton



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