TecTiles: Samsung’s Attempt to Make You NFC Savvy

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  1. Jag Knight says:

    You could program one to steal all of the personal data off of a person’s phone and upload it to a server somewhere without the user’s knowledge. With the many emerging mobile payment options out there, maybe you could get your hands on some credit card and payment information as well. It’s amazing how the many potential security problems with these technologies are being overlooked, just to rush them to market. Just wait until the criminal hackers of the world begin to exploit this. Then the journalists will have something more interesting to write about other than just writing about how great all these new technologies are.


  2. Kulveer Taggar says:

    Hey Justin,

    This is a promising area.

    My company, Tagstand.com, a Y Combinator backed company, have been working on NFC for the past year and have used the tech for events as well as for home/office automation. We’ve had a lot of hobbyists use NFC Task Launcher for the same purpose.




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