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Security Expert, Kaspersky, Fears World of Cyber Warfare


Eugene Kaspersky is the CEO of Kaspersky Lab, the cyber security firm that recently uncovered the computer virus named Flame. The robustness and sophistication of the Flame virus has impressed cyber security experts and computer programmers the world over. There’s even strong evidence linking Flame to Stuxnet, the famous virus deployed to infiltrate Iranian nuclear facilities.

The possible connection between Flame and Stuxnet is made even more compelling by the recent open admittance by the United States government that it engineered Stuxnet in collaboration with Israel. Apparently, cyber wars fought with viral weapons are no longer kept hush-hush, giving credence to concerns that Kaspersky raises:

“Now we’re living in the era of cyber weapons. The world is different. Not just cyber hooligans, vandals. Not just criminals. But governments are in the game and I’m afraid for the worst, I’m still expecting, cyber terrorism.”

What could be the possible effect of a terrorism or war of ones and zeros? There’s more at stake than ever before, says Kaspersky:

“It’s really dangerous because we depend on IT. IT is everywhere in this office. Elevators are managed by some small industrial computer. Electricity. Everything is managed by IT so a professionally designed cyber attack could get us back to the pre-electric age. I’m afraid it’s so serious.”

It sounds like hyperbole, yes. But with governments and organizations, such as the infamous Anonymous, openly employing computer viruses and staging cyber attacks to achieve their political ends, there’s at least a grain of truth to what Kaspersky so adamantly fears.