No, Apple iOS 6 Will Not “Blow Up” Google

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  1. Ari Maher says:

    Justin: Read your article and read Yarow’s……Sorry, but found Yarow’s more convincing. We are still at the beginning of the process for Google’s destruction a la RIM. Apple’s superiority in software innovation and lead in software infrastructure across multiple and far more superior devices will eventually take a toll on Google. I give this battle three years. Google’s android is too fragmented to be effective ultimately. Investors are just beginning to take notice.


    James Reply:

    Good job in pointing out nothing more than you’re a fanboy. Google’s destruction? From Siri? You’re kidding, right?


  2. Justin Fritz says:

    Thanks for your honesty. But this wasn’t necessarily about Android vs. Apple, but about whether or not iOS can systematically destroy search as we know it. Taking out Android alone won’t accomplish this.


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