G8 Leaders Discuss the Eurozone At Camp David

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  1. Anothertest says:

    the economy will slow this year, ahnyting is possible. I believe that the small things that the Cleveland area is doing, such as tearing down vacant homes, is small step towards rebuilding our economynot only here in Northeast Ohio, but across the country.Across the Atlantic Ocean, however, I think that things could take a downward spiral this year. With the entire country of Greece in such a terrible state, pulling our the Eurozone could be Europe’s greatest challenge yet. And I feel that the US may go into war with Iran since they are such a threat, but I think they shouldn’t since w have been in the Middle East fighting for so long. We tried our best to help and I think it’s none of our buisness now what goe on over there. Unless of course, they pose a threat to our nation and our trading with the other countries in that area, then for the United State’s sake it would be best to get involved.Big things will happen in 2012! Whether they are good or bad is not up to me, but I’m excited to see what this year holds for the US!


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