Samsung Debuts its Next Galaxy S Smartphone

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  1. Nica says:

    I am very phone fussy. I got rid of my HTC Wildfire which I had on contract. I just didn’t take to it for some raoesn the screen seemed quite fussy, texting wasn’t that easy on it and, although many people love the HTC phones, I couldn’t get on with mine. I sold it on eBay and bought a Nokia C3-01 instead. This was faulty and kept freezing mid message. Plus, if you’re used to a capacitive touch screen, the resistive screen on the C3-01 might not suit. I then bought a Samsung Tocco which was a great phone but once I started using it, I realised it didn’t come with a wi-fi option (something you’d expect for a3129). I returned the phone to Virgin and bought a a379 Samsung Galaxy Apollo instead okay, this is probably going to sound very fussy, but the icons and writing were tiny not something I’d expected, given the fact that the screen was a decent enough size. So, on to the Samsung Galaxy Fit finally a phone that I can get on with. The screen is clear, large enough to accommodate sizeable icons (but not so huge as to feel you’re carrying a brick around). Texting is a doddle I always found touch screen texting a little tricky but the size of the buttons are great; and you have the option of a 3 4 layout (the traditional keyboard), a QWERTY layout or two handwriting options (although you’d probably want to buy a stylus if this is the way you choose to write messages). The phone is incredibly easy and intuitive to use I haven’t even looked in the manual and it’s easy to customise too. Plus, you have full access to the Android marketplace (my guess is that you’re either happy with the Android option and, if not, you’re going to be opting for an iPhone instead). Personally, I think Android has enough to offer and is certainly preferable to Nokia’s Ovi store. Oh, and the battery life is very impressive (although I don’t use the phone for listening to music or watching videos as I have an iPod Touch for that). However, comparing it to other phones I’ve had, the battery does a good job. Like I say, I’m not somebody who relies on their phone for everything I text, I talk and I use the more practical apps (such as navigation/calculator/calendar/notes etc). However, comparing it to other smartphones I’ve had, I think this is a great phone (and it feels good in the hand too even the screen curves slightly at the edges, giving a lovely feel when you run your thumb across it). My husband owns an iPhone and even he says that the Galaxy Fit seems to offer many of the same features he’s even gone so far as to say if he didn’t have an iPhone, this is the phone he’d opt for.


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