Friday Briefing: Samsung Ousts Nokia and RIM’s Survival Strategy

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  1. Gerda says:

    great information


  2. Gerda says:

    this maybe a good time to buy Rimm noow


  3. Dave Janes says:

    Galaxy SIII is the year before last’s phone. Also, Apple S4 Nokia was dumped by Microsoft this year when the 920 from last year and the 1020 from this year were starting to be rated better than both the Apple S5 and Galaxy S4. Seems like the day before the announcement my wife surprised me with the new Nokia 1020 which is the only phone I have ever owned that never locks up on me and is just like Windows 8 but has the best camera in the industry. It’s even better than most cameras. I already see Microsoft losing interest in updating the phone and I love this phone Nokia should buy out the OS from Microsoft and keep on. Seems your tech is out of date. Sad!


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