Chesapeake CEO McClendon About to Go Bust

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  1. Henny says:

    Thanks for the great stock picks. I love CHK. I sold Apple Computer (overpriced in my opinion) the mildde of last year to buy Chesapeake and 2 weeks ago bought even more (really underpriced in my book) It’s been a top pick the past 3 years..I should have invested earlier..anyway I am in for the long haul on CHK (bought in at 24.50 last year) of 4-7 years hoping it will have a couple stock splits between now and 2017. GOOOooo CHK!Also, some billionaires are investing in oil and chemical manufacturing companies. Check this stock that George Soros made over 200% on last year alone!!!!! (Oil company) Harvest National Resources (Ticker NYSE: HNR)


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