Why Apple’s Recent Dip Doesn’t Signal a Buying Opportunity

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  1. Jeramy says:


    Good luck in the Europa market.


  2. Mahesh Lalwani says:

    It doesn’t take a Newton to see the value in Apple’s drop 🙂


  3. singapura says:

    Well, do you have egg on your face or what? Apple just made me a few thousand in 1 (ONE) day!


  4. Haha says:

    You can bet your $50,000 on NBG (National Bank of Greece). You don’t even need to use ETFs!!


  5. M. Gordon says:

    I think you are flat wrong in this article! Apple has momentum because of innovative products that it brings to the market. It has momentum because of investors and consumer appreciation.

    Spain, Portugal and Greece, really, what a comparison, they are so broke that they cannot spell Apple! What chance have they got for any momentum in the next decade?


  6. richard weinstein says:

    I have to disagree. AAPL is volatile and ripe to make money. I am long but I sell when it goes up substantially and buy when it’s low – like last night. So, maybe you are correct about not putting new money in AAPL at 600 but the company has great fundamentals, great products, no debt to speak of and an amazing amount of cash in the bank not to even mention the numbers that came in this past qtr. My take is that the AAPL price will settle as the economy stabilizes. I believe that if any company is worth it’s share price it’s AAPL. So why so negative? The reasons you give are realistic but not strong enough to keep the company or the price down.


  7. Steve L. says:

    Did Justin make an “Oopsie”? Methinks he did. I bought on the way down & profited on After Earnings Bounce. The stock went from $560- $610!


  8. StonehamMel says:

    Why would anyone make such a forecast a week before earnings announcement? – especially on a company that has such a record, ecosystem and cash?

    This stock isn’t a trade – it’s an investment. Its PE looks like a conservative S&P500 company, it has a vastly diversified cash stream, and has disrupted every market it’s entered.

    Making forecasts like this simply make one look silly – not just in the short term, but in the long as well.


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