11 Irrefutable Signs of a Real Estate Recovery

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  1. Betty Preston says:



  2. Alan frank says:

    Your way off base. The slowdown continues


    Louis Basenese

    Louis Basenese Reply:

    If by “continues” you mean prices keep falling, you’re right. They are. And I said they would because real estate prices are a lagging indicator, like unemployment. So prices are going to be the last thing to recover.

    Keep in mind, too, that the widely publicized Case-Shiller home prices indices are reported with a two-month lag. So if you’re waiting for prices to signal the bottom, you’re going to miss it by at least two-months.

    Leading indicators include new home sales, which checked-in at the highest rate in two years in march. And home builders, which are also putting up improved numbers.

    From the NYT: “D. R. Horton Inc., the largest publicly traded home builder in the United States, reported stronger-than-expected earnings on Monday, posting a 46 percent gain, and a third straight quarterly jump in new home orders as the company continued to gain market share.”


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