Will China and India Torpedo Gold Prices?

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  1. Hannan Muhammad Malik says:

    Yes you are giving the right direction, so kindly let me know the time when prices goes down because i want to purchase the gold in this year 2012.
    I am waiting for your advise asap.


    Hannan M. Malik


  2. Tapas Halder says:

    Yes it is true that gold price has to fall sharply just in terms of valuation as per my experiance but I am in confusion that what is the relation between china’s economic slowdown with gold pricing falling.I think that the gold price should not break $1500 level. so just tell me about my openion is how much correct.Thaks Tapas Halder


  3. nick maximoff says:

    It’s interesting that on one hand you recommend gold stocks, and on the other,
    you warn of disaster for gold prices.
    Is there a time horizon involved in this?
    Are you still expecting +$1800 gold, or are
    all bets off the table till some evidence of
    a collapse is more obvious?
    The Fed keeps buying gold, the Indians are
    definitly constrained due to new import laws, but U.S. debt, money printing around
    the world remains unabated. Could these
    elements negate India and China questions?


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