Will Higher Mortgage Rates Help or Hinder the Real Estate Market?

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  1. Rafi says:

    Bankrate isn’t a fantastic sucroe, as my rates are always better than what they offer, and rates can change on a whim (we had 4 reprices today w/most of my lenders).Also, the Fed cutting the rate usually forces rates upward, as inflation becomes a concern, and mortgage bonds despise inflation this is not the case this time as there was a global rate cut to stave off inflation.Your best bet is to have a lender/broker you can entrust. One thing about life with a bank is that once you’re locked in, you’re locked in. With a broker, you can switch lenders if pricing improves. They were right in that rates took a large hit today, but things should settle down and go right back to everywhere they were shortly possibly even lower as the election gets quicker (pun how that works).


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