It’s Time to Believe in This Bull (Or Be Sorry)…

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  1. mario kobylt says:

    you guys are doing a great job. love the weekly column and wsd in general. i am having trouble finding where to log in to check your stock picks. i subscribe to $1000. let it ride. keep up the good work. mario


  2. Irv says:

    What are your thoughts and opinions on the investment of Dinar?

    Is it going to revalue in the next few days?

    Or when might it revalue?

    What exchange rate to you think?

    Is there any info you can share at this time?

    Thank you!


    Irv Reply:

    Please let me know if the Dinar investment is a subject you are willing to discuss.

    Thank you


  3. Dolores Kenniebrew says:

    Is buying dinars a good investment


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