My Take on the New iPad: Get the iPad 2 Instead

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  1. Tinny says:

    100$ are well worth the huge retina display that comes with ipad 3


  2. Tom says:

    Fair comment! The hype was a disappointment in the end! I’m now seriously considering an iPad2 with a vireo of skipping the ‘iPad 2012′ and possibly the iPad 2013 or iPad 3’ whatever comes out next year! The iPhone 4S seems a much better tool (I skipped several models from my 1st iPhone 3G). Apple know how to build tech stuff and they also know how to hype up the customer too!


  3. Rob says:

    I just bought a new Ipad 2 for $360 at Microcenter. It’s definitely worth it at that price. I couldnt see myself getting a tablet for above $400 anyways.


  4. Sam says:

    The update that got me to spend the extra was the Retina display. I, of course, haven’t yet seen the device hands on – but comparing my iPhone 3GS screen to a friend’s iPhone 4 screen showed an easily perceptible improvement and I expect the same from the iPad.


  5. Christian says:

    There are so many other things to consider. For example, the original iPad’s trade-in value is about $100 less than the iPad 2. I’d expect when the next iPad comes out (4th generation), there will be a similar trade-in difference between the iPad 2 and the new iPad (3rd generation). My point… the value can be rolled into future generations – unless you are throwing your old iPads in the trash.


  6. Daiku says:

    Over the course of the devices lifetime (reasonably about 3 years) that works ou to $33/yr for a usable camera and a great display, double the operating memory. I think it is worth it, without a doubt. I suggest users buy the retina and skip 2 generations to get a reasonable upgrade


  7. Richard Goldfine says:

    How many people outside a circus sideshow will notice a 51 gram difference?


  8. Cy says:

    I’ve been having trouble deciding between these two. Going to primarily use it as a fancy e-reader which I can use to take notes and highlight journal articles (grad student). I notice the difference in weight and thickness. Leaning iPad 2.


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