The Ultimate Investment Hedge Against Iranian Tensions

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    What about a little Iran nickle hedge called ARSLF and mid cap hedge PBKEF and a big cap hedge ECA all north of the US border?


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    T B Pickens and the president are old buddies and the Pick says if anybody can get gas out of the ground the Chinese kind of gas it is his buddy and president of ALTIMA RESOURCES up in Horn River Basin and Obama is just getting the price right because he has that do nothing pipeline that ARSLF will get bought out and ECA and MITSU will pay a nice royalty for Rich Switzer, put a cross the pond gas deal together Rich can only wait for so long and Mitsu says they will double the price to keep Rich on there side and little old Rich ‘s property is right in the middle of the big boys but T B says RICH can play cards with them all and he does not need the joker he already has the wild card, that’s a quote and Obama can’t bluff the unions with the EPA much longer,ARSLF is only a nickle but T B said sometimes nickles turn into gold look at the volume and Mitsu says loose lips sink ships and Obama does not have a airforce 1 style yacht, summer’s coming.You can not loose even if Obama finally does the right thing get it Right not left because if he stays left he looses but he is probably going to loose anyway Ben can not print that much more money he is running out of tree’s.


  3. Fred R. Maiocco, Sr. says:

    Good heads up on the markets volatility. Enjoyed related articles on the VIX and leading me to investigate VXX.


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