Future Growth to Greece: Hurry Up and Default!

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  1. Steve says:

    I totally laughed when I saw your title. I am in total agreement with you. What I see is a country that is perennially horrible at learning from their mistakes. Ok, that aside, getting bailouts is just patchwork, like fixing a hole in your roof. It’ll last for a bit, but eventually, you are gonna have to fix the WHOLE roof.

    A better CURRENT example you should use in a follow up article is Iceland. They have actually risen from the ashes and are doing ok now. Smaller economies tend to have an easier time and well, Greece is a SMALL economy. The population is what? 8 Mill? Greece has to hit rock bottom before they can pick themselves up and all we are doing is keeping them propped up and unsuccessfully at that. That money could be used somewhere else MORE effectively. It’s time they learned their lesson.

    I’m an expat living in the Eurozone and there needs to be some trimming of member states, but no one wants to do it.that I don’t know why. Kick them out. I would say a lot of bilateral red bureaucratic tape is what is making this MORE difficult than it is.



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