Pay-TV’s Worst Nightmare is About to Come True

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  1. Konabum says:

    It is about time that someone offered only the channels I want to watch and pay for. I get Dish TVs 250 plus package, ($135.00 a month). I watch about 10 channels 70% of the time and maybe a total of 25 channels 30% of the time. It is because they offer about 5 or 6 good channels in each of their packages. So I must take all of the packages to get the few channels I really want. So bring on choice, I will certainly go for it. The sooner the better. They should be a rousing success! I think a majority will love it.


  2. Jimmy Selix says:

    i really hope Google goes all out. they have the potential to revolutionize pay-tv as we know it and finally give us those a la carte packages!

    nice article, i wrote a rant a year back asking for Google to get into the TV market. 🙂 can’t wait to see what happens!


  3. DaneKan says:

    Watch out Time Warner (TWX) or Time Warner Cable (TWC)? I think you intend the latter


  4. Allan says:

    I wish it was happening tomorrow. The stranglehold the cable providers have enjoyed as local monopolies will finally be over. I hope we get access to every digital TV station in the world. Leave it to Google to continually find ways to take it to the next level,


  5. Nelson says:

    Once you get beyond the rah-rah headlines, what really matters is the bottom line cost which this article doesn’t mention. Several years ago the idea was bandied about of NCAA football going down the pay per view path at $25 – $35 per game, didn’t seem like much of a bargain to me.


  6. c smith says:

    “Hate sports? Don’t put a check mark next to ESPN.”

    And Google will keep track of (and bill) all the people who DO want the various ESPN networks and DO put a “check mark” next to ESPN? Please explain.


    Justin Fritz Reply:

    As I mentioned, this is simply an example of what Google could do with such a service “in theory.” Yes, the ideal service would allow customers to choose which channels they’d like to include in their package.


  7. michael small says:

    I think once google implements this process, comcast and others will adjust the way they do business and lower their prices, with competition.


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