Pay-TV Companies Plot Revenge Against Netflix

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  1. Nemesi says:

    Since netflix stepraead it’s streaming from delivered videos I chose to use the streaming video’s only for 8.60$ a month. Suddenly I have found that almost all movies after 2000 are only available on thier DVD delivered plan/ which means they are going to get the 16.80$ one way or the other.Except in my case the are soon to get no subscription! there are other services available.


  2. Linda says:

    Here is a reply from a lower-income person who WAS paying cable ridiculous amounts of money to see the same friggin’ movies over and over (Miss Congenialtiy, Legally Blonde, Men in Black, etc) to paying next to nothing (approx. 8.00/month) to watch whatever I want, when I want with no commercials, no infomercials or celebrities trying to sell crap they would never use in real life. Hang in there Netflix investors, I love it…even if I had to go to DVD also, so what? It’s only a few more dollars and still I’m saving about 130.00/month to watch cable crap. I will NEVER go back to greed-monging cable. EVER!


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