ChamTech’s Mobile Signal-Boosting in a Spray Can

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  1. DisruptiveThinking says:

    I just can’t believe all the hype behind such a bogus technology:

    1) Concept goes again fundamental Physics Laws.

    2) DARPA and DoD never pushed this concept since 2001 because it did not offer any benefits. Sutera et al. have yet to land any government antenna contract and there are many offered every year.

    3) Sutera made many mistakes during his presentation, such as testing in Faraday Cage instead of anechoic chamber, quantifying improvement in dBm instead of dB, ignoring matching circuits and antenna designs without which no conversion to electrical current, hence good cell phone coverage, can be achieved.

    Physicist, Engineers, and Experts in this field are laughing at how GOOGLE could hype such a technology and distorts facts that will only make web surfers lose faith in information listed on the web.

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Martin Luther King


  2. western dental school says:

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  3. kimberley schuilenburg says:

    I’m just wondering what the bandwide coverage will be?
    Could HAM’s (amateur radio operators) replace their antenna’s with only a spray? Just spray it against an wall and transmit?
    If so, it’s an amazing invention and could be useful for so many operators who have restricted places for antennas.


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