Turbocharge Your Dividend Strategy

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  1. Mary says:

    What is the best and safest stocks to invest in with low to no risks in other to generate fast income?


  2. KS says:

    So how do I get involve in your covered call writing program?


  3. justin says:

    You’re looking for a lot of tinhgs that others are looking for, however, there is very little out there that meets your requests. Of anything, I would suggest companies like Johnson Johnson (JNJ), Altria (MO), Walmart (WMT) and Procter Gamble (PG). I would avoid the pharmaceuticals despite their high yields and relative stability as there is question regarding the drug policy of Obama, who will likely push generics. Therefore, you are stuck looking for companies in the consumer staples arena for the most part, and then very select companies outside that arena that will do well in either a strong or weak economy. However, for the long-term, I would definitely encourage people to invest in commodity-related industries (such as oil, metals, fertilizer, etc.), as they have fallen off a cliff because of our deflationary environment. However, with the substantial monetary stimulus that the government has been injecting into the financial sector, our country will emerge from this in a much weaker financial state than the likes of China (using a fiscal stimulus versus a monetary stimulus) or Japan (has a strong budget surplus, just lent the IMF $100 billion). Therefore, I expect inflation to take a toll on the economy going forward, which may prolong this recession, as it will likely begin its rampage once the economy begins to recover, and will likely exceed the levels we saw earlier this year (oil at $140+). In regards to timing, I can’t help but continue to be bearish on the broader markets. The markets broke my previous expectations of S P 500 to the 800 level, and I have revised my expectations to S P 500 to the 575 level. I have done so as the market just broke a long-term support line (from the 2002 market bottom) today, and broke a bearish descending triangle pattern yesterday, which was confirmed today by a failed retest of the previous support line. Therefore, if you do enter any of these companies, do so only with the long-term in mind, and create a dollar-cost averaging strategy to build your position and strictly adhere to it. At some point, there will be a recovery in the markets, but there is little fundamental or technical reason to consider entering the market aggressively now. Just my opinion, I hope it helps. Best of luck!


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