Earnings Season Update: Proceed With Caution

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  1. Josef Soriano says:

    Hi Louis,
    You have to decide if you want to be a writer or a stock advisor.
    I pressed a button to read about 2 stocks.
    I read a lot and then read some more and at the end of the article I still do not know who are the 2 stocks that you think that are of interest.
    AA is it past or future?
    Next one? Mystery …

    Mamma mia…


    Louis Basenese

    Louis Basenese Reply:

    In this particular article, I wasn’t recommending any stocks. Instead I was referencing two key metrics I think investors should focus on during earnings season: the earnings beat rate and the guidance spread. If you’re looking for specific investment ideas, head to our archives. We’ve provided plenty of suggestions in previous articles.


  2. James Flatley says:



  3. Adhe says:

    Yahoo! It was great watching Entropic jump up the last clopue of days on good volume. Nice find on the Motley Fool article. I came close to selling a few of my Entropic options today, but with the world starting to notice the short squeeze that is about to happen, I’m glad that I held on. The only bummer is that the market is closed on Monday!


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