How a NASA Discovery Could Launch a Coup in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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  1. says:

    Interesting article and great discovery, but whether a common individual will choose this mode of delivery will depend on several things
    1) Type of disease: People with life threatening disease such as cancer, HIV, Hepatitis are more likely to go for this treatment compared to people suffering from not so deadly disease
    2) Invasiveness of the the procedure
    3) How frequently one needs to replace the biocapsule.


  2. Justin Fritz says:

    From what I understand, it’s a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure, and each Biocapsule can last for months or even years.


  3. Paul Winkler says:

    I think this will prove revolutionary for diabetics, and I hope it comes to market in a very few years.

    For my own mental health issues, I don’t see a way of adjusting medications until the exact causes if mood disorders are identified (although I’d sure love to reduce dependence on drugs!)


  4. habel mnjau says:

    Something so interesting,so real,so natural and a miracle to save our pockets out of remakebly expensive drugs industry or rather pharmaceutical industry.


  5. Cheryle Linturn says:

    I think this is amazing! I can see other uses for it. As, the sun starts heating up with radiation on our planet, this could be used in the structure of buildings to ward off harmful radiation, like huge greenhouses that could grow trees and plants of all sorts and if need be supply housing for humans. I would use this. I think the cigarette companies have had to adjust, so why can’t the pharmaceutical companies. Too many of their drugs already are causing too many deaths. This is great progress. Dr. Loftus is on the right track. This can not be any more evasive than what they do to people now. Mood disorders could be helped alot from this, as well.


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