The Hard Truth About the Unemployment Rate

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  1. John says:

    Why do you even post any comments if you look at everything so negatively? Can you imagine how much better the economy would be if the right didn’t block everything President O’Bama put out there? If the only agenda of the right was to let President O’Bama last only one term? Imagine if you were up against this? We went from the worst president (George Bush) in my lifetime to the first black president with some fresh ideas? Give him a chance


    Jim Reply:

    Seriously? Are you really that blind.


  2. Grumpy old man says:

    Why do you even post such a comment when it is obvious that you do not know your facts The BO administration has done more to destroy this country than any other admin in the history of the country. Illegal appointments, more debt than all the administrations since Washington and unemployment nearing 22% in reality Just because someone stops looking for work does not mean that are now employed, so says the current admin. They will continue to feed people like you who will not investigate the fact the coolaid to keep you in line until the ultimate take over. If 3 years is not enough to at least show a positive change then it is truly Bushes fault!


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