Italian Researchers See Cleanup Potential in Oil Slick Robot

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  1. MeLek says:

    There are probably many roobts, EAs, and automated systems that are scams. But there are many that aren’t but still have failed.Many very smart people including mathematicians and physicists have tried programming successful trading programs and failed. The basic problem is that the Forex market is so complex that trying to program in all of the potential problems is impossible. Also, many of these programs take time to put the brakes on as they recognize a new pattern in the market. In addition there are so many now that they compete with each other creating noise around the price. If an automated system does begin to trade successfully so many people would be using it that it would tend to suck up all of the liquidity.The best way to trade is to have an automated signal, one generated by your trading platform that tells you a trade possibility is at hand. Once that occurs, you as the trader can make the decision to trade. This is the best way to trade and the best way to understand the Forex Market. Was this answer helpful?


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