TV Makers Battle At the Consumer Electronics Show

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  1. Curtis says:

    I would of hoped for a more precise ciqritue, this after all is one of my least referenced articles. To describe those protesting all they believe wrong in our society as societal malcontents is merely repeating the obvious. One could claim the New York protesters cannot be held to be totally representative of the protesters around the country but a sampling of 200 out of a few thousand is actually a large sampling as far as polls go. Most polls rely on random samples of a few hundred per million. As far as the 41% of the country being self described conservatives you need only to check out polls from every major polling organization to find out they all come up with similar numbers. Of course pollsters are looking at the country as a whole, if you are looking at 18-25 year olds or college liberal arts professors I am sure the stats would be totally different. As far as your last comments I will only point out the obvious. 1. Free Markets are nothing more then individuals satisfying the needs and desires of each other in the form of mutually satisfying transactions. If that is your definition of greed so be it but it is not mine. 2. The problem is not the protesters are against corporate lobbying but that they do not realize what is the root cause of it.. If you realize government trying to influence and direct businesses through regulation results in business doing the same to government you do not ask for more regulations. 3. I am not sure what corporatization of government is suppose to mean but if you are saying government and business getting in bed together is a bad thing I think we can agree on that. If on the other hand you believe government should direct business as it sees fit (which is the cornerstone of fascism) we are on different planets. Government in a free society should act as impartial referee, not player, coach and referee. 4. As far as decreased market regulation, I will excuse the ignorance. The markets, especially the financial markets, are more regulated today then they have ever been. With acts like Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes Oxley the situation is getting even more odious. This part of what is locking up capital and suppressing economic activity. Again if you wish to fix a situation you must first understand it.


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