An Urgent Revision to Your Gold and Silver Strategy

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  1. David Waldman says:

    I have resisted my broker’s pleas that I buy gold. I did so because I feel it is a untarnishable but largely useless shiny metal. It doesn’t pay interest or dividends. It cannot be used as curency, for example, at a supermarket. Of course, it, like many other things, is worth what someone will give you in currency. I think I smell a tulip. At least silver has industrial uses. Time will tell.


  2. T. McNabb says:

    You can buy & sell your coin cois , etc, at your local coin dealer.

    I try to read both what ‘they’ are saying and what the prices at the pump and in the food markets are saying.

    Look for food prices to continue to escalate
    not only due to production & shipping cost but also due to adverse weather conditions.

    I can’t beleive that all this paper money and the outrageous debt is just magically going to correct anyones debt problems.


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