Your Monday Double Play

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  1. Mzwiz says:

    When growing up in the 60/70s, I was aylaws astonished at school by the way teachers (especially) and students bought in to the theory that Canadians were colour blind. Sure they were, in the small town we were in that had almost no people of colour. (Actually there was a fair amount of dislike of the Greek and Portuguese immigrants in town I can just imagine how the British-descent people would have acted towards large numbers of people of colour. )Having a father who grew up in Halifax, I and my family were well aware that there was lots of racism in Canada, including lots of black/white racism.Now I hear them trying to brainwash my children that Canada has a proud history of peacekeeping. Say, what? When I was in school we were aylaws being taught about how our valiant soldiers’ went out and slaughtered and were slaughtered in the Boer War, WWI and WWII.I think sometimes the powers that be here in Canada think if they say it loudly and often enough they can make it true. It would be NICE if this was a country with no racism and only soldiers of peace. But we aren’t there yet.Peace out.


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