Research In Motion’s Vision Misses the Mark… Big Time

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  1. No field name? says:

    In reality, the only thing that actually misses the mark is your trust in the security of “any app store and you’ll see multiple applications that can locate your phone and erase your data from afar…”


  2. jj says:

    Rim is DONE. They have never been able to deliver anything on time and they need bbx today, not 6 months, and definitely not 2 years from now. They had a good run, and im glad i sold my rim stock when i did.


    Jonathan Reply:

    OS 7.0 was on time.. and I believe PlayBook was only a month off the initial ETA provided 6 months in advance.

    How long was Samsung’s Galaxy S2 delay? Like 3+ months.

    Anyone who works with the latest technology knows how difficult it is to launch anything on time.


  3. Jonathan says:

    Ok I’ve heard enough from the bloggers like this. It’s been a year of incessant US media hatred towards RIM, the same company that was doubling its size in the US every year up until a couple years ago, and how did it do that? Through innovation.

    You guys can’t keep ragging on RIM to get your page views. This is an old topic. RIM is not near death and it is still growing sales. The fact that they sold any BB 6.0’s in the US ($1 billion last quarter alone) is amazing. The system was dated, the media was ragging, and the sales reps at carriers were aggressively promoting other devices. All I can say is WOW – if they can sell a billion in the US of this dated model (sure it is half of YOY sales), but how many will they sell on BBX? 3-4 billion a quarter? Seriously.. not everyone wants to own a Google or Apple product.

    And Google is no picnic. They make crap most of the time. Androids first versions were garbage and its tablet environment still wouldn’t appeal to most. How many products does Google create a year and how many have been successful (remember they didn’t create YouTube)… so really just search and GMail. Not only that, but Google does not create hardware, and given their acquisition of Motorola, unanticipated complications that analysts haven’t yet seen are surely in its future.

    And Apple has revived itself from more near-death experiences than any other tech company. But the point is, they’ve been obsolete more often than relevant.

    Stop it with RIM. It’s not just unfair, but completely childish and ridiculous.


  4. Brian says:

    I’m sorry I gave you one more page hit. My bad. Won’t happen again….uh… Justin Fritz… got it.


  5. Cdb says:

    Okay, so I had a choice of any Android, Apple or Blackberrry … and I ended up surprising myself when I got a Blackberry 9900, and have been very happy with it.

    I want a phone that has power for the full day,and good connection. Beyond that I wanted a keyboard.

    I got that with the 9900 but I found a far more likable device than I expected. Not inconsistent like the Androids with many cool unexpected features. I can’t tell you how cool something as minor as pulling the phone out of the holster and have it automatically answer is.

    Blackberry are down in North America at the moment, but …… I don’t think this is a long-term issue based on what I’ve experienced.


  6. says:

    Funny , because it was reported yesterday in press that doesnt have a financial interest in shorting RIM that they have just overtaken Samsung , And , by a long way Apple in UK sales. But why let facts get in the way of a short and distort piece?


  7. Herry69 says:

    i guess all these outages happen all by themselves…


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