Albert Einstein Would Hate These ETFs

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  1. alfin a. winn says:

    It is good we have people like You.We need to put sanity back in AMERICA the great. Who knows!! Maybe You are the ones to lead our Nation into business & commerce sanity. What I AM looking for is this: 17.9 trillion dollars to Put The money back in to the Gold STANDARD that God intended. For the Ameican people. That is what has been stolen from U.S.That has been My goal for 2 years now!!! Stolen by the Feds (& to dis-mental them. When they came secretly from Europe & these Aliens illegally stole our American monetary system from the people.When fraudulently, They seduced our President of that time, In a place they meet in hiding in Georgia.2nd to see that B. Obama & Eric Holder HANG for TREASON.


  2. Debby says:

    If none of the professional fund mnargeas you hired were able to outperform the market, despite the enormous resources at their disposal, why do do you believe that your fundamental analysis can succeed where they failed?@Boomer: To suggest that firms like Investors Group charge no fee to set up an account is highly misleading. While they may not charge you an account fee, the long-term costs of buying mutual funds through companies like Investors Group is appallingly high. Most still have DSCs that lock in unsuspecting investors for years as they slowly bleed you dry.In my opinion, investors with less than $50,000 don’t need a customized portfolio. They would be far better off just buying a balanced mutual fund for 1% or less, and they can get that without an advisor.


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