Smartphone Wars: Apple iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II

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  1. Jared says:

    You know its flawed merely to compare specs. B/c in the real world, the 4S still works way better b/c of the iOS system. Specs are great in all these android phones but what keeps holding them back? The android operating system itself which is extremely flawed and complicated compared to the smooth running iOS. Honestly only reason pick android is b/c some people are obsessed with hating apple, they like the whole “open” idea (which is stupid), they want the bigger screen (only reason that fandroids have for picking android over apple).


  2. Brandon says:

    You are right. When you compare HARDWARE android always outdoes Apple. Any spec sheet will show you that Apple is behind.but its the EXPERIENCE on iOs that wins customers. I have had many android phones over the years, and the experience is always falwed or many people making phones with Android OS makes for a fragmented/choppy/rough experience.where as apple makes their hardware and phones, so the overall experience is flawless and SMOOTH.I want a bigger screen, faster processor etc but it just isn’t worth it when the software its running is imperfect in so many ways.
    Smaller screen and amazing experience > big screen on a phone that force closeses apps every 5 minutes


    Tim Reply:

    @Brandon – Strange thing is I’ve had the AT&T Galaxy S II since launch and experienced 0 (yes, NONE) app force closes.

    While I had frequent stalls/crashes on my apps on my iPhone 4. Part of the Android image problem is that people are talking about the past and aren’t educated enough to compare current real world performance on both platforms.


    Phonemaniac Reply:

    I wish more people would see it as you do…


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