I Demand This Crazy Market Pay Me Cash, Immediately…

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  1. Jack Wygle says:

    I tried to purchase the Instant Money Trader subscription for $850 plus the add-on to extend the membership to a “LifeTime” member, but an error occurred on the add-on and I was dumped off immediately.
    I did not re-enter any information since I did not want to be billed again. \
    Can you fix this problem with your site and see if I can get the Life Time Membership.
    Also, there is no way to contact Instant Money Trader or anyone else at Wall Street Daily on Sundays. So if you encounter a problem you are out of luck getting the problem fixed in a timely manner.


    Wall Street Daily Research Reply:

    Mr. Wygle,

    Your comment has been sent to our Customer Care team. Should you have any problems regarding your subscription please contact us at customerservive@WSDInsiderInfo.com.


    The Wall Street Daily team


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