IBM and 3M Want Your Computer to Run 1,000x Faster

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  1. Michael Garrett says:

    Im quite new to the idea of investing my hard earned cash. Like alot of Americans in todays economy, I live paycheck to paycheck with little to no money left over after my financial obligations. I do however have a 401k and Roth IRA. However, when it came to choosing my investment strategy, I fear I’ve done myself more harm than good. Not only did none of it make sense, I simply gambled and chose without any understanding of the legalese. High Cap, Low Cap, Economic Growth, Real Estate and many other funds simply had no explanation and the accompanied graphs seemed to show little to no growth with huge possibilities of losing money. Id like to reconfigure my portfolio during the next open enrollment period but have no idea where to start. Id like to have a good portion going to aggressive stocks, so that when I do retire (I’m 38 now) I wont be just scraping by. So is there a strategy that would allow me to make up for lost time without a large risk of flushing my money down the drain?

    Economically scared,


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