Why Google Wallet Will Own the Mobile Payment Space

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  1. Greg says:

    I like the fact that Google is opening up its virtual wallet to all major credit card brands, so that we can use for payment the card of our choice. American Express, in contrast, is doing precisely the opposite with its PayPal-like Serve. http://blog.unibulmerchantservices.com/google-wallet-goes-live-more-consumer-friendly-version-to-follow


  2. We (Americans) are actually quite far behind on this technology. If you look at even developing countries in Africa/southeast Asia etc, they are already using this. Safaricom is based out of Nairobi and has been giving consumers this capability for over 3 years now…This sort of technology became a necessity since banks were and still are reluctant to issue credit cards or even checking accounts to many citizens in these countries. Most people keep all of their savings on their phone (which can be used as cash or credit for text/calls). Through NFP technology they can then pay merchants with a simple text (prob not with the security capabilities of goog though).

    On another note: NXPI is a great buyout opp for Goog or Apple right now…imo


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