The Number One Reason President Obama’s Re-Election is Doomed

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  1. Scott B. says:

    Anybody else got a better idea ???


  2. john meyers says:

    I know where we can get a dozen part-time jobs. O’Bumbler is going to need someone to pack his junk in 2012 when he moves out of the WHITE HOUSE!


  3. Timothy Gawne says:

    Excuse me.

    Obama WANTS there to be high unemployment. Why do you think he is importing over 100,000 foreign workers per month? Or pushing for a trade deal with South Korea that will cost at least 2 million American jobs?

    Obama is a Wall Street Shill, a whore to the rich and powerful whose only god is the easy profit that comes from cheap labor.


  4. Linda says:

    Before any conclusions are made it’s worth to see what’s the alternative out there.


  5. Praedor says:

    And yet, this infrastructure MUST be rebuilt but naysayers as above poo-poo it because, they say, it wont be the fixall to the problem.

    How about this, we just do nothing and when you are driving your oversized SUV over one of those decaying bridges and it collapses and cripples you and kills whoever else is in your car, you keep your mouth shut and accept it quietly because you didn’t want the infrastructure fixed in the first place.

    Let ‘er rot! Infrastructure minfrastructure. Who needs safe, stable bridges and roads? Who needs safe, stable railroads? We have magic to keep things going smoothly.


  6. Rodney Hytonen says:

    ” no single initiative – and certainly not another infrastructure program – is going to fix our country’s jobs problem.?”

    Oh yes it will – Eisenhower had it right.

    95% TMR.

    (Updated somewhat for inflatio and the past 50 years of predation.)


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