This Biotech Discovery Causes HIV to Self-Destruct

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  1. I honestly believe which ever pharmaceutical company that develops the CURE for HIV will be the most to gain financially; if you look at it in that aspect. I agree with Mr. Elmer when he said that greed is the problem to developing a cure. All it has to do is it hit home for one of the pharmaceutical developers and see where it goes from there. But what upsets me the most is, I was at conference in June of this year and there was no mention of this trial being done nor its results; is it because it was not one of the leading pharmaceutical companies to reveal these results and findings.. Why is that??? I guess we’ll never know..


  2. marees says:

    What if the virus mutates into a deadlier version and spreads across the world. We will have a real nightmare on our hands then.


    J. West Reply:

    “… the drug has been tested on 80 HIV patients who hadn’t seen success with antiretroviral treatments.” – What happened then?


  3. TruthStartsHere says:

    Justin, do a little investigation. Maybe big pharma is not interested is because they’ve peeked under the hood. Greed would have motivated them to buy a good product.


  4. Cristina Pereira says:

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