My No-Nonsense Plan to End the Housing Crisis

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  1. Martin Villalobos says:

    Since we are in a country that allow us a freedom of speech I understand your comments. But frankly I don’t understand how you even allow to write articles. I think you are full of non sense.


  2. William Jacobs says:

    It is the right analysis but the wrong solution. The answer is not to rent homes to others, but to keep the currrent owners in the property. To do that, consider a “shared apprecation mortgage”. With that change, the original deed of trust or mortgage note is modified to bring it down to 90% of current valuation substaniated by a full appraisal, and the note stays at a rate equal to lower then the lowest rate offered by FNMA for a ten year loan approval with a 30 year loan amortization. At the end of 5/7/10 years as negoitated by the lender and borrower, a new appraisal is provided to the parties, and any improvement in the valuation of the property is “shared” between the lender and borrower. That way both parties have a reason to stay in the deal, and the lender has an upside to their loan modification, and not the write down that they would endure with a short sale or foreclosure against their balance sheet. The borrower has stayed in the home, and if they keep the modified payments current, they share in the uptick in valuation.


  3. Ed Vegas says:

    Sounds good but we should have let the crooks bank fail and not bail them out with tax payers money plus they get free money and get pay interest just by holding the money if we are going to be mean then we should be meaner with the Big Crooks ask banks as you know the CARTEL just takes care of each other… Cheers !


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