America’s Only Escape From its Debt Noose (Part II)

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  1. David Schwartz says:

    How can the U.S. get corporations to spend, and to start hiring? 90% of the items that we purchase are made in China, excluding food and energy. When corporations spent money to improve, or upgrade, their technology, U.S. jobs got wiped out. Look at Borders. 10,700 people are going to be losing their jobs, because the public has no reason to purchase books anymore. When people want to find out about a certain subject, they can just look it up on the internet. And then there is the problem of immigration. The U.S. economy has to create around 100,000 jobs every month just to hold the unemployment rate steady. Because of immigration, there are now 4.5 job seekers for every job that becomes open!


  2. Dale Hudson says:

    Simple fact that never seems to get talked about – productivity has FAR outraced growth and is continuing to do so. Simply said, it takes far fewer people today to produce the goods and services that our population needs.
    Relatively speaking, in the USA it only takes a handful of people to produce all the food we need, even fewer to produce all the fuel we consume. Cars last much longer, tires go 50 K miles now. Most adults now live in their own homes, have all the small appliances they need. In general polymers last much longer than paper and wood and steel did in the past. Even though Americans are the most wasteful people on earth, we are starting to conserve and recycle and reduce the need to replace.
    All of this means there is not a job anymore for a lot of people, particularly the more poorly educated coming out of our schools.


  3. Walter R. Reed says:

    Suppressed for the past 25 years is risk capital investment in the private innovator and inventor! That is the source of some 70% of new jobs over the past 150 years! New “product difference of significant disruptive technology” is nearly the only justification for new manufacturing startups or retooling = jobs, economic growth and new tax revenues.

    Funded, each of this “waiting army” of shovel-ready new technologies will immediately have to hire 3-20 people each followed by further upward numbers to demonstrate and bring the new capability to market.

    After, or coincidental with, major 3-Bracket Flat tax reform and revision of strangle regulations, we could then put a 3% tax on EXPORTED, NON-VALUE ADDED raw natural resources. Impound that tax to trust devoid of Government’s sticky hands. That annually audited trust becomes an underwriting fund to guarantee 70% of risk for any investor making an investment into a private inventor/innovator being an individual or company having a net- worth of or a company of less than $20mm net operation profit. The only decision maker to access the fund is the investor, not any part of the government! Abuse heavy fined and fraud prosecuted. Any product developed in this program would be bound for manufacture only in the USA for a minimum period of 15 years. The small said tax has no impact on the general American Tax Payer or industries at large.

    This actionable brief is in Part I, Step 2 of some 20 steps the Retlaw Plan to put our Country back on its feet, which I authored in 2010.

    Defining real economic solutions has been like talking to a canyon wall. ‘Wish a copy of Relaw Plan, Part I summary PP, just contact me. Have a wonderful week.


  4. They are too busy using money from different groups and spending our hard earned money. They need to stop the big party, we need true statesmen and not every one of them need to go home but most of them. They need to cut taxes & regulations on businesses and support our military & get busy doing their jobs support the dollar!


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