Introducing the Most Secure Identity Theft Deterrent Ever

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  1. Scott says:

    Yeah, right. This is great….but just like homeland security it wil be turned against the American people, thay have already done it and continue to do so. This or will be used for good but will also be turned against Americans. IT will become an invasion of privacey, which, by the way you have akready lost. Just in case you didn’t know.


  2. Michael E McKinzy Sr says:

    The ability to see the future does not require sight, just Vision, and VIP LLC’s EVoteTechnology-Biometric Security Protocol American’s voting technoogy shall be brought into the 21st Century!-Born to do battle, drafted at birth.a.k.a.Warrior Breed!-Michael E. McKinzy, Sr.-02-04-2012


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