New Healthcare Technology to Save the United States $700 Billion

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  1. David Hold says:

    Telehealth is evolving to be another vehicle, where some of the high tech companies are looking at it as a gravy train, to deliver something that is overpriced, and certainly excessive for what we need at the present, to resolve our immediate issues. Not that I am against the possibility of a doctor performing surgery over the internet, from one part of the country, to the other, but that is not the solutions, that is going to resolve our dilemma. I think, that the administration has identified the issue quite clearly, and it is called PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE, and believe it or not, that is here right now, and it can be implemented across the board. There are a lot of people, and millions of dollars are being invested, to deliver broad band capacity to the rural areas, under the believe or pretense, that that it will resolve the delivery or access to better care of remote rural areas. But even if it’s true it is years away, and at the cost of 100’s of millions of dollars. The question we should ask and what do we get in return for it? Well, a doctor from a large institution in a large metropolis will be able to perform surgery or view the patient on line. Believe it or not, all of this is not necessary, and even when they will get to it, will be at a tremendous cost, and the investment will not be justified. Imagine that a doctor in NY, will be able to perform surgery over the broad band in a remote town in TN. But that remote town in TN, still would have to have an enormous investment in specialized equipment, in order to perform this task, a very expensive set of equipment, which cost could not be justified. But the big equipment manufacturers, and the large network companies, would like as to believe that there is the future, because only large projects like this can justify their bottom line. But as I said before, the solution is here now, at a fraction of the cost, in the form of preventive health care. Our company over the past 2 years, has developed proprietary software, to monitor a number of vital signals, of patients with cardiac conditions, diabetes ,medication management to name a few in order to improve patients performance, and all of this can be done over existing telephone lines, cell or the internet at reasonable costs. Diabetes in the last year has increased from 17 million to 23 million and is the fastest growing condition facing us. Neglecting this condition can lead to costly procedures which cost the system millions of dollars over the life of the patients. Monitoring the condition and managing it can lead to substantial savings to the system not to mention a better life style for the patient. Our interactive monitoring system does just that .It allows the doctor to set the parameters for the particular patient to be monitored, parameters that he sets, and can change, he has also access to the analytical data generated, and at the same time keeps the patient in touch with the doctor, those giving him the ability to better manage his condition and be forewarned for any complication that may arise, and give them the time to properly react. Yes, we cannot perform heart surgery over our network, but by monitoring the patient on an interactive basis, with specialists on board, we can either prevent complications, or have enough lead time to allow the patient, to be transported at its own pace, to a larger facility which is equipped to handle his situation. Yes, our system can even connect the two institutions together, and give them the ability to jointly manage the patient’s condition, before it gets to a critical level.

    And this brings me back to my initial statement as far reservations at the emergency rooms are concerned. Instead of looking how to skim the system by making reservations at the ER at an average cost of $7,000 per visit, which studies shows that 70% of this visits are unnecessary, we should spend more time and focus, on how to improve the system, by preventive health management, and only then we will be able to provide health care across the board to everybody. God knows we can afford it and we have the resources but let’s not waste them.


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