The Great Netflix Debate: Cast Your Vote Now…

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  1. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, when the time comes, I will be changing my combo to a DVD-only.


  2. Randy Thompson says:

    I had Netflix`s and the service went down hill. I am now with Blockbuster and get better service and movies faster. You said it right, the biggest BONEHEAD move of all time. Serves them right to go under. You don`t treat subscribers that way, and to do it with already crappy service.


  3. Bruce Rae says:

    Netflix revenues and share-price should increase in the short-term. However, successful marketing usually requires a better combo-price than the sum of the two individual subscription prices. Usually to increase prices successfully in the medium term you have to offer consumers some extra benefits.
    It doesn’t sound as if the competition is organised enough yet to make an impact on Netflix, but that day will come and could start eroding Netflix’s sales. On the other hand, Netflix could fight back with some monthly specials which will look more attractive compared to the standard prices.


  4. Wen Chung says:

    What is going up must come down eventually as dictated by the law of gravity
    Price move in time of financial crisis is a deadly one;it may be proven fatal as a result of such dumb move.There is a corporate greed factor-to squeeze as much and soon as possible while it is going good.It hits not speedbump but solid wall..


  5. BB says:

    The Netflix price hike/subscription changes will just force subscribers to move to better options, including Apple TV and iTunes. None of the options out there for streaming are currently great, but with what’s going on in the audio “cloud” and with spottify, it’s just a matter of (a short amount of) time before video is there. I’ve been a netflix subscriber for a long time, acknowledging that I’m wasting money each month. This price hike is enough to force me to do something I should have done long ago.


  6. terrance macdonald says:

    if this move causes wall- mart to move quicker with new release streaming video then Netflix just cut their own throat.


  7. G Boteilho says:

    Here comes Walmart and don’t forget
    Red Box (coinstar)


  8. Gary D says:

    It is still a good value for any household. maybe the “option” will let them realize better focus and control.


  9. Daphne says:

    These are unusual days. Netflix customers with no home (mailing address) might have a streaming video account & a laptop to watch in a wifi hotspot.

    Cable TV & U-Verse – they are all too expensive in this economy. Hulu is free and Netflix & Hulu plus might be the only way many of us can justify to cost of television. In our city, local stations do not come in clear unless we have cable.

    All in all, you get more for your money (even with old programming) if you nix the cable and go with Netflix DVD & Streaming.


  10. P . Tyler says:

    I’m one of those that dropped Netflix . But in no time the increase will not be remembered, and new customer growth will continue .


  11. Jan says:

    The field has already spoken. I personally know at least five Netflix members that are displeased with the new pricing and either intend to reduce service or look elsewhere for a new product. Karim is exactly right as it relates to its aged streaming video portion of the service. I think they will regret the day they changed the service.
    Personally I believe if they raised their price marginally they would have faired better.


  12. Chris Gray says:

    NetFlix is certainly doing its best to irritate lots of people. Readers may be interested to know that the two major consumer organizations of blind and visually impaired people have both written critical resolutions regarding recent changes on Netflix website that makes it unusable by people who must use screen reading software for the blind. So my take is that Netflix is just getting it wrong everywhere these days.


  13. Jay says:

    I plan on canceling my streaming account this week and only order one movie at a time by mail. I am also looking for any company that will give me the old Netflix plan or something better.



  14. Perry says:

    Bandwidth will cripple the business plan.


  15. Larry Pecho says:

    Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.
    Watch the members run.


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