Why It’s Time to Buy Gold and Short Silver

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  1. enrico cramer says:

    OK but what about the 20/1 ratio gold-silver that traditionally should come back?


  2. Everyone seems to be concerned about the history of price peaks for gold and silver. Has anyone else considered that these peaks are never given in their CPI adjusted values? Converting 1980 U.S. dollar buying power to 2011 requires a multiplying factor of 2.75. Thus inflation corrected for 2011 the 1980 peaks should be $137.50 for silver and $2,337.50 for gold. We are a long way from reaching either of those targets.


  3. Sid says:

    Excellent article.
    Is this still valid, and how many ounces of silver would you short for each ounce of gold?


  4. Bill Mayrsohn says:

    How do I short silver?


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