Why You Should Ignore Germany’s Nuclear U-Turn

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  1. Jerry Perlmutter says:

    I want to comment relative to our commitment to using nuclear power. You say it doesn’t pollute and you use a very narrow view of pollution for nuclear power. There is a major problem because the products of fusion are quite radioactive and have been problematic in terms of how to dispose of them.
    There is a similarity between our nuclear power plants and Japan’s in terms of the back-up systems should a plant’s system have a failure, which will require our reconsidering our existing plants’ designs. And by taking the events in Japan seriously, to review new plant’s plans for heretofore unrecognized problems based on Japan’s experience. I’ll believe that this deliberation will be done when I see it happen–there are so many political and economic forces that will work to not do this!


  2. bernard says:

    Because nuclear plants are too complicated for human beings, they are also more expensive than solar photovoltaic : read http://www.wallstreetdaily.com/2011/05/25/hypersolar-renewable-energy/#comment-886 : $113.90 for nuclear MWh, 80$ for solar MWh.

    Also centralised nuclear production use a lot of electricity it produces and lose a large part in transportation.

    Compared to distributed solar home production, nuclear needs to produce 20% more electricity just for wasting it.


  3. elise thiel says:

    you’re insane. nuke power has never been safe and until humans become flawless and greedless, will never be safe. where is germany about to dump it’s spent fuel rods? well, i’ll tell you, the u.s.a. there is no place on the planet for spent fuel rods and nuke plants have to be maintained for 40,000 years. a few more events like fukushima and there will be no one around to maintain them.


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