Is This Week’s LinkedIn IPO Hot or Not?

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  1. Michael Lucente says:

    When Linklin goes public would the price be $38 a share. I have been out of the market a
    long time, would I have to set up a brokerage
    account to purchase shares. Please advise


  2. Samira says:

    yes with a small correction.Yes, inenetmvst banks do *sometimes* buy stock before it reaches the public market in a hope that when it starts trading at an exchange the public will drive the price higher than the bank paid for the stock. Other times same bank does not risk its money and says to the company: we will do our best and sell your stocks as high as we can and take a portion as our comission .Small correction: it is not arbitraging . Atbitraging implies quick guaranteed profit, while inenetmvst bank risks when it buys the pre-IPO stock, as it is not guaranteed to go up after IPO.


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