Pumped Up Gas Prices… Who’s to Blame?

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  1. alan says:

    put the blame on the average person


  2. cwurmnest@twinman.com says:

    The senators are grilling the oil companies on why they are taking the tax breaks and subsidies that the government is offering them. Our senators (and our entire government officials) are the ones that should be in the hot seat.
    They are why so many jobs have gone overseas and the reason our economy is in such a pitiful state.


  3. pete says:

    I agree with Alan. Demand drives prices and greed drives margins. The government didn’t send jobs overseas, consumers did – the same consumers who elected those Senators.

    We go out and drive Hummers and Escalades because we can get tax breaks on them instead of driving less and forcing our officials to eliminate those breaks (and other auto industry subsidies).

    As taxpayers we now own most of AIG Insurance. When’s the last time you voted your share for or against a board director? What, you don’t have a share? Have you had a conversation with your Senator or Congressperson lately about how they spend your money (and how you think they should or should not)? Feel free to tell them why you vote for or against them – they work for us. (And let them know what they’re doing right, not just doing wrong).


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