Record Range for New Electric Car Battery… 279 Miles!

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  1. Hans Amsterdam says:

    Maybe it is worth to mention that the DBM energy test vehicle has a battery capacity of 63 kWh whereas the Nissan Leaf uses a 24 kWh battery. Seems quite logical that the DBM vehicle drives further.
    Lithium Polymer is nothing new, they exist for over a decade now (i.e. Kokam). Well, so much for the truth.


    nate Reply:

    Logical, but not unremarkable if it’s cheaper and/or more dense than the Leaf battery. Miles per Kwh is mostly related to the efficiency of the vehicle. If you have high mkwh you have a smaller car/better motor etc.


  2. Any information on the capacity of this battery pack? Or an approximate weight, or estimated cost?

    This DBM Energy ‘Kolibri’ (Hummingbird) battery certainly seems to be a game changer.



  3. david goldstein says:

    Great news.2questions ;when will they be available for purchase and how much will they cost. Hopefully they will also sell the battery pack so we can convert our cars.


  4. SRSCHRIER says:

    The energy storage capacity of DBM’s solid-state Kolibri system appears to be a breakthrough, having perhaps 3x greater energy storage capacity within the same size & space of the more widely used LiO batteries.

    As an experiment it would be interesting to substitute a Kolibri solid-state battery for the LiO battery in a Nissan Leaf and learn if the Kolibri battery greatly increases the Leaf’s maximum range.

    Looking forward to reading the results of DBM’s 2011 road tests with third party engineering validations, more Kolibri road test videos, Kolibri pricing and overseas export availability.


  5. Ron Cochran says:

    It seems obvious that the Kalibri battery in the test car stores more energy (kWh) than a similar sized Lithium Ion Battery. How else could it offer such extended range?

    It is true that Lithium Polymer batteries have been around for years, but none of them offers the energy density of the Kalibri battery. This appears to be a “game changer”!


  6. Pamila says:

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