Sony is Six Feet Under… and Still Digging

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  1. Infamous says:

    If Sony continues with the same PR team and upper gaming management, they might as well shut down the PSN forever. I mean these people are more then incompetent, its a wonder how they even secured such job positions with Sony. I think we’ve come to the point now that such irresponsibility on their behalf, should have consequences. These unprepared, unprofessionals should pay with their jobs. Enough of the fingerpointing and excuses, neither are helping the situation. With stocks falling in value and customers switching to Xbox 360, when is enough, enough. Come on Sony! Its time for the top execs to clean house and start to move forward again, get rid of these incompetent bums you have running Sony gaming and your under standard PR team. Thats the only way I see Sony saving any face this late in the game.


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